Fundraising strategy and advice that amplifies your ambition

Does your fundraising strategy need more direction and impact?

The for-purpose sector is a highly competitive environment and most organisations operate without sufficient resources to meet their market needs. You may find yourself increasingly turning to philanthropy to fill gaps in much-needed funding while struggling to make an impact. That is because the fundraising landscape has changed. Philanthropy today requires both sophisticated and practical fundraising programs that resonate with the market, powered by leaders who think strategically and are willing to take active roles in attracting investment. But where to start?

We work with organisations to build strategic and sustainable fundraising streams through fundraising assessment and strategy. Our clients span many sectors including arts and culture, advocacy organisations, health, education, environment, disability and social services. With the right support, it is more than possible to go from filling a budget gap to achieving transformational impact. Already we have seen tens of millions of dollars in philanthropic impact achieved using this approach.

Our advisory services include:

Strategic Fundraising Assessment

Conduct an internal review of your fundraising strategy and role of leadership

Include stakeholder interviews, competitor and market analysis and document review

Deliver a Board workshop to share preliminary findings and facilitate discussion on opportunities for growth

Report on recommendations and next steps

Board Assessment: Fundraising Leadership

Undertake Board assessment of fundraising leadership skills and capabilities to enable organisation to effectively lead fundraising strategy and campaigns

Develop skills to efficiently engage, solicit and steward top prospects

1:1 executive coaching

1-day intensive coaching for Boards and executive teams

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Fundraising Strategy & Campaign Planning

Develop organisation-wide fundraising strategy or campaign specific plans

Build strategic, relationship-based approach to fundraising designed to attract long term philanthropic investment

Use stakeholder mapping to identify key funding sources

Document key milestones and communications plan

Develop case for support

Identify prospects and develop engagement strategy

Case for Support

Facilitate a workshop with your leadership stakeholders (Board, executive, content experts)

Explore campaign goals and fundraising needs

Develop compelling, multi-year organisation-wide case for support

Articulate your vision and the role philanthropy can play

Identify your key stakeholders and potential funding sources

Map communications and fundraising milestones

Mega/Major Gift Fundraising

Support your organisation to develop a major/mega gifts program

Includes critical analysis of your top prospects and engagement strategy

Explore role of leaders in influencing major/mega gift fundraising

Identify areas to build organisational capacity – including executive coaching and pitch planning

Map communications and fundraising milestones