Making a world of difference: Growing philanthropic investment in international development

Making a world of difference: Growing philanthropic investment in international development

November 2023

Australians are traditionally loyal and generous in their support of international causes, yet the bigger picture is changing as philanthropy in Australia evolves. 

An Australian first in examining both Australian philanthropic investment and major gift fundraising in international development has revealed that significant changes are needed to harness the growth in high net worth philanthropy in Australia for the benefit of vulnerable communities around the world.

Noble Ambition partnered with Australia’s largest INGO, World Vision Australia, to investigate the question: ‘How can we grow Australian philanthropic investment in international development to achieve greater scale and impact?’ 

Through a review of current available data and in-depth discussions with philanthropists, sector representatives and peers, the paper analyses the unique hurdles that exist within international development fundraising and philanthropy in Australia and identifies opportunities for future growth.

Case studies with Tania Austin, DECUBA Foundation; Mark Cubit, Cubit Family Foundation; Simon Freeman, Judith Neilson Foundation; Steve Killelea, The Charitable Foundation; and Robyn King, Canva Foundation offer further insights and provide examples of leading strategy, commitment, and ambition in this space. 

The paper is designed to inspire reflection and discussion for the sector; and offer a practical way forward for INGOs, philanthropists, governing bodies and other stakeholders to leverage the significant ambition to create positive change for the world’s most vulnerable – which can fundamentally transform Australian philanthropy in the process.

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