Raising It episode 5: Groundswell Giving: Australia’s first climate action giving circle

Raising It episode 5: Groundswell Giving: Australia’s first climate action giving circle

September 2022


Clare Ainsworth-Herschell & Arielle Gamble – 2 of the 3 Co-Founders of Groundswell

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How more than $1 million has been raised and directed to climate advocacy through collective giving.

Episode 5 – Groundswell Giving: Australia’s first climate action giving circle

This week we hear how three inspiring women co-founded a giving platform for climate action, that within 2 years has amassed over 600 members and distributed over $1million towards climate advocacy. The story behind Groundswell demonstrates the significant impact that can be achieved when three very different women – Clare, a former Next Generation Development Manager at Art Gallery of NSW – Arielle, a storyteller and award-winning illustrator and Anna, a leading climate campaigner – rally around a single cause.

In this intimate conversation, we hear about connecting passion and purpose, building a community of philanthropists and from Clare in particular, about grappling with privilege and the ability to influence positive social change through philanthropic investment.

Melissa's key learnings from the story:

  1. Bravery in philanthropy. While Australia is becoming increasingly public about its philanthropy, the space still tends to be dominated by older, white men. Clare’s voice for next generation philanthropy is powerful and will encourage others in her position to be brave about their philanthropy too. In committing to 2030 and even drawing down on capital to continue investing, she demonstrates what true commitment to a cause looks like.
  2. Importance of a team with shared values and complimentary skillsets. The story of how Clare and Anna, and later Arielle came together to form Groundswell and the way the three founders contribute their talents and experiences around a shared cause offers a blueprint for how a team can work together to have impact when they fundamentally share the same values.
  3. Doing the work – building a community requires hustle. Just because you have a next gen funder doesn’t mean you will see the same success as Groundswell – Clare is not just a funder, but also an outstanding fundraiser and the three founders work tirelessly to cultivate a community and grow their membership engagement. Their warmth, authenticity, and passion with which they engage with their supporters is matched by a relentless persistence and determination, because they understand the scale of the challenge ahead, and their role they can play in contributing to change.