National Benchmarking Survey On Fundraising Leadership

July 2021

For Boards, CEOs & Heads of Fundraising: Insights into Engagement & Impact

How impactful is your Board & CEO in fundraising? How does your organisation compare?

Australia’s first benchmarking survey on fundraising leadership for Boards, CEOs and Heads of Fundraising of organisations for whom fundraising is an important, and/or growing source of revenue.

    The survey will explore:
  • Current levels of fundraising engagement and impact of Boards, CEOs & Heads of Fundraising
  • Appetite for increased engagement and impact
  • Understanding barriers to change
    Findings from this survey will provide the sector:
  • Practical tools for Board engagement
  • Support for CEOs in gaining fundraising skills & confidence
  • Road map for Heads of Fundraising in securing increased buy-in of Board & CEO

Completing this survey will take 10 minutes and will close on Thursday 12 August 2021. This is an important opportunity for the sector to build evidence and focus discussion on an area that is complex to navigate and fundraising potential not fully realised.

We encourage you to complete this survey and share it within your organisation and amongst your networks.

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